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Kshatriya - The warrior, who used to born to rule and responsible for defending Indian society and upholding justice. We pay tribute to all those brave warriors who laid down their life to protect our mother land, religion and freedom. This has been drastically changed through legislation and social reform in India. There is a need to unite and strengthen the relationship between kshatriyas to improve their social status and play a constructive role in present indian social system. As information is always the first thing required for any initiative, We have developed this platform to gather kshatriyas information and group like-minded people to execute required actions.

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Kshatriya community events in pics around the country....

Our purpose with this initiative is to develop a broad platform for kshatriyas to know about each other, Integrate any similar effort around the country, share experiences and help each other in the hour of need. We are sure that it will help us to grow socially, professionally and strengthen the relationship between us.

Any indian kshatriya living around the world can be a part of this directory by clicking on Join Us link online or offline by submitting Kshatriya Details Form to their regional co-ordinator. Kshatriyas will get unique id and password on registration to access their profile online. The online kshatriya directory can be accessed by click on above map or Directory link on top. We welcome any suggession to make it better. You can contact us or email me on info@kshatriya.org.in.


Raghvendra Singh Chauhan
Founder & Co-ordinator

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